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support real-time video stream access 40 channels

Personnel trackingCrowd gathering|Mask detection|Person of interest|Headcount|Hard hat|Work clothes/uniform detection|Kitchen irregularity detection|Absent / sleeping on duty|Loitering|Falling|Overstay|Smoking detection|Fighting detection|Phoning detection|Distance detection|Weapon Possession detection|Vehicle break-in|Vehicle lingering|License plate recognition|Vehicle flow statistics|Traffic flow density|Vehicle attribute


Core Functions
  • Alert Center
  • Algorithm Center
  • Device Management
  • System Administration
  • Deployment Method

Alert Center

Real-time monitoring of data and real-time analysis through algorithms to quickly detect and identify key events, objects or behaviors, and capture important information in time to generate alerts to help users respond quickly. Through the alert center, users can set monitoring rules and conditions, such as abnormal behavior, security vulnerabilities, abnormal data, etc.

Algorithm Center

Algorithm center is one of the core functions of AIGEL platform, which has built-in large number of mature computer vision algorithms for users to choose and use. With the development of AI technology, algorithm center provides users with powerful algorithmic support in the fields of security, transportation, etc., which promotes the comprehensive application of AI technology in various fields.

Device Management

Device Management is designed to help users effectively manage and monitor various devices. This function provides device list, device status monitoring, device configuration and device information viewing, enabling users to conveniently manage a large number of devices and obtain the operational status and key information of devices in real time.

System Administration

System administration includes system settings, push settings, and alert settings, aiming to ensure stable system operation and meet the needs of user personalized settings.

Deployment Methods

Both standalone deployment and centralized management are supported. Standalone deployment is suitable for small-scale demands, running independently and flexibly, suitable for individual users or small organizations. Centralized management is suitable for multi-computing terminal environments, allowing unified management and monitoring of multiple terminals, thereby improving management efficiency and security.

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