Real Estate Developer

Providing efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions for real estate developers through utilize drones for exterior wall spraying and cleaning. The SD25 series drone is lightweight, high reliablility, environmentally adaptable, and are able to meet the needs of exterior wall operations in a variety of complex environments.
Property Management
Exterior wall maintenance poses a challenge for property management companies. Regular cleaning and maintence of building exteriors can be achieved to ensure cleanliness and aesthetics by incorporating drone spraying system. The efficient operation of drones helps reduce maintenance costs and continuously enhances the value of property assets.
Construction and Bridge
Operation Company
The SD25 series drone possess the capability for maintenance, rust removal, and preservation of buildings and bridges. Utilizing the drone not only reduce labor costs and safety risks but also significantly improve efficiency. Without relying on equipment like forklifts, the SD25 series drone provides reliable and efficient maintenance services for buildings and bridges.
Amusement Park
The high-altitude operation capability and efficient maintenance features of the SD25 series drone make it an ideal choice for amusement park managing. The SD25 series drone supports the painting of large-scale facilities and the aesthetic maintenance of exterior walls, assisting in maintaining a clean and attractive environment in amusement parks.

The SD25 series drone is an autonomously developed multi-rotor electric drive unmanned aircraft by AIGEL, which features light weight, high reliability, strong environmental adaptability and no range anxiety.

The SD25 series is an outstanding comprehensive aerial operation platform capable of performing tasks such as spraying and cleaning.


Core Functions
  • Exterior Wall Spraying
  • High-altitude Cleaning

Exterior Wall Spraying

The SD25P drone system for exterior wall spraying includes a flight platform, control and command system, ground control system, airborne task device, and spraying system

High-altitude Cleaning

The high-altitude cleaning function of the SD25W drone is an advanced technology self-developed by AIGEL, aiming to provide efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning services. This drone is equipped with a high-pressure cleaning system specifically designed for high-altitude exterior wall cleaning, capable of performing precise cleaning on smooth surfaces such as walls and glass.

Application Scenarios
Case Share

A Large Paint Company

User Pain Points
High cost and low efficiency of manual spraying.
Inevitable safety hazards in high-altitude operations.

Reasons to Choose Us
Our AI drone spraying system combines the technological advantages of artificial intelligence and drones, enabling automatic, intelligent, safe, and efficient spraying operations.

Customer Value
Effectively improve spraying operation efficiency.
Flexibly adapt to different painting scenario requirements.
Significantly reduce compliance costs and risks for enterprises, improving competitiveness.

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