SD25 Drone User
The AIPDS Cloud platform can be connected with the SD25 series of drones to achieve full real-time interaction and perception between the front and back ends. Users can manage their drones through this platform, including viewing the drones' real-time positions, flight status, and real-time video streams and data to ensure safe drone flights.
Project Manager
In the AIPDS Cloud platform, users can manage project progress, personnel, equipment, etc., in order to track project implementation through the platform, coordinate and manage project resources, and improve productivity.
Data Analyst
The AIPDS Cloud platform can collect the large amount of data, including drone flight data, collected video data, etc. Data analysts can analyze these data through the platform to provide decision support for drone optimization and improvement.

AIPDS Cloud is a professional one-stop drone task management cloud platform, includes drone management, project task management, modeling management, AI route planning, real-time monitoring, data storage, and other functional modules. The AIPDS Cloud also has the advantages of centralized management and whole-process operation.


Core Functions
  • Device Management
  • Model Management
  • Route Planning
  • Task Management
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Historical Data

Device Management

The device management is able to manage various types of device of different brands to realize centralized management of drones, payloads, data chains and other task device, and provides device pre-operation checklists to ensure the safety of drone flight operation.

Model Management

Model data management within the project can be rendered in the map based on GIS and support model import and download.

Route Planning

AI algorithm is untilized to divide the spraying task and 3D route planning based on the color area of the 3D model, realizing 3D model editing and intelligent planning of autonomous routes.

Task Management

Create associated device and pilots for flight tasks based on operation requirements to achieve multi-drone/multi-personnel simultaneous or continuous operation, realizing effective scheduling of drones/personnel.

Real-time Monitoring

The platform can obtain various situational data and real-time video transmitted by the drone. It supports real-time monitoring and alarm wind control, and save real-time images/video.

Historical Data

Users can view the original photos/videos in the system after the flight task, and the data will be centrally stored in the cloud, supporting search and backtracking at any time to improve management efficiency.

Application Scenario
Case Share
A Large Paint Company

User Pain Points
High cost and low efficiency of manual spraying.
Inevitable safety hazards in high-altitude operations.

Reasons to Choose Us
Our AI drone spraying system combines the technological advantages of artificial intelligence and drones, enabling automatic, intelligent, safe, and efficient spraying operations.

Customer Value
Effectively improve spraying operation efficiency; Flexibly adapt to different painting scenario requirements; Significantly reduce compliance costs and risks for enterprises, improving their competitiveness.

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