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Based on massive built-in algorithm, AIGEL provides a professional algorithm management platform to help enterprises quickly apply AI algorithms. The platform covers various functional modules such as data dashboard, alert center, algorithm center, device management and system management, offering users a comprehensive solution for algorithm management and deployment.


Core Functions
  • Data Dashboard
  • Alert Center
  • Algorithm Center
  • Device Management
  • System Management

Data Dashboard

Users are able to quickly understand different types of alarm information and control the current status of the business in real time through visualized interfaces and charts. Data dashboard provides users with data support through data summary, analysis and visualization, helping users make informative business decisions.

Alert Center

Real-time monitoring of data and real-time analysis through algorithms to quickly detect and identify key events, objects or behaviors, and capture important information in time to generate alerts to help users respond quickly. Through the alert center, users can set monitoring rules and conditions, such as abnormal behavior, security vulnerabilities, abnormal data, etc.

Algorithm Center

Algorithm center is one of the core functions of AIGEL platform, which has built-in large number of mature computer vision algorithms for users to choose and use. With the development of AI technology, algorithm center provides users with powerful algorithmic support in the fields of security, transportation, etc., which promotes the comprehensive application of AI technology in various fields.

Device Management

Device Management is designed to help users effectively manage and monitor various devices. This function provides device list, device status monitoring, device configuration and device information viewing, enabling users to conveniently manage a large number of devices and obtain the operational status and key information of devices in real time.

System Management

This function covers user permissions management, role management, alarm setting, system setting, log management, etc. Through system management, administrators can control and manage user permissions at a fine-grained level to ensure that different users can only access the functions and data they need. System management enables administrators to efficiently manage and monitor the AIGEL platform to ensure system security, reliability and stability.

Application Scenarios
Case Share
  • A Public Hospital in Singapore
  • National Library Administration of a Certain Country
  • Leading Domestic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer of a Certain Country


A Public Hospital in Singapore

User Pain Points

Rising costs due to manpower requirements,Weak emergency response capability,Lack of analytical management tools

Reasons for Choosing Us

Leading AI algorithm platform enables us to quickly respond to customer needs and implement effectively.

AI algorithm platform greatly reduces the O&M cost and improving efficiency

Realized Value

Reduce manual monitoring costs

Improve management efficiency

Enhance emergency response capability


National Library Administration of a Certain Country

User Pain Points

24-hour monitoring,Suspect tracking,Security Management

Reasons for Choosing Us

Highly customizable systems that can be easily integrated with customer systems

Realize Value

Integration with customer   

Improve emergency response capability

24-hour monitoring


Leading Domestic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer of a Certain Country

User Pain Points

Need for 24/7 continuous monitoring,Ensuring safeprodction,Customizable perimeter management

Reasons for Choosing Us

Leading AI algorithm platform enables us to quickly respond to customer needs,Our easy-to-use customizable tools meet customers' security needs from various perspectives

Realized Value

Comprehensively protect the safety of production areas and provide customers with 24/7 security management and operational guarantees

Promote customers' digital transformation and greatly improve the level of intelligence of management and operations

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