AIGEL GateID can serve as an access control and attendance management system for enterprises and organizations. It utilizes advanced facial recognition technology to accurately identify authorized personnel and ensure only approved individuals can access designated areas. This significantly enhances security by verifying identities in a contactless and efficient manner.
Campus/Educational Institutions
AIGEL GateID provides a solution for students and faculties identity verification and attendance management in campus. Leveraging facial recognition technology and IC/ID card modules, it enables comprehensive access control of students and faculties, ensuring campus security. It allows contactless temperature measuring with a temperature measurement module inside, protecting campus health.
Community/Property Management
AIGEL GateID is suitable for access control at the entrances of communities or residential complexes. It can accurately identify residents and visitors through facial recognition, enabling effective entry and exit management. At the same time, it can record logs and traffic statistics, providing communities with more efficient and smarter security management services.

AIGEL GateID is an integrated solution for intelligent authentication and visitor management developed by HCYTech, based on the core capabilities of face recognition and liveness detection, combined with compute vision, temperature sensing, NFC, IC/ID and other modules.

The product includes intelligent access control panel and management platform. Through an integrated edge-cloud solution, it provides all-in-one solutions for access control management, attendance management, visitor management and epidemic control. These solutions cover multiple scenario such as industrial parks, buildings, campuses, construction sites and communities.Key features include:Standardized design for scalability,Plug-and-play,Integration with third-party,Reliable performance.

Core Functions
  • Access Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Attendance Punch
  • Temperature Measurement and Epidemic Prevention

Access Control

The GateID panels support multi-factor authentication methods including face recognition, badge scanning, QR code scanning to verify identity for access control. It also supports liveness detection.

Visitor Management

It provides intelligent, cardless and paperless visitor management workflow through features such as self-service appointment, online registration and other management methods.

Attendance Punch

Providing various clock in/out methods such as facial recognition, card swiping, QR code, etc. Supporting flexible configuration of attendance shifts and rules, and providing daily/weekly/monthly attendance reports which support export to csv/txt files.

Temperature Measurement and Epidemic Prevention

Supporting contactless detection of body temperature, and providing warning for   abnormal body temperature.

Application Scenario
User Case
  • Acclivis
  • CSS Property Centre Malaysia
  • TechStudio Solutions


User Pain Points

Traditional access control system is limited and unable to meet diverse needs,Large scale entry and exit poses security risks,Issues with data synchronization and privacy security.

Reasons to Choose Us

AIGEL GateID realizes efficient and convenient entry/exit management, secure and reliable identity authentication, centralized management, convenient visitor appointment scheduling as well as diverse attendance management functionality. These implemented functionalities have brought Acclivis higher efficiency, stronger security protection, more optimized data management and richer functional experience.

Customer Value

Increased entry/exit efficiency and enhanced security assurance

Improved staff satisfaction and customer trust

Optimized data management and centralized management


CSS Property Centre Malaysia

User Pain Points

Traditional access control systems have low efficiency,Insufficient security,Difficulties in data analysis and management.

Reasons to Choose Us

AIGEL GateID's integration of multiple functions, highly efficient and accurate facial recognition, intelligent temperature detection and flexible deployment make it as the ideal choice for property management.

Customer Value

Enhanced security assurance and improved management efficiency.

Improved resident entry/exit experience.

Digitization of management data and improvement of management efficiency.


TechStudio Solutions

User Pain Points

Attendance management is cumbersome and inefficient,Poor staff experience,Lack of visitor management functionality.

Reasons to Choose Us

AIGEL GateID's high security, intelligent attendance management and optimization of staff entry/exit experience address business needs and resolve pain points of traditional access control systems. The online visitor appointment system provides more convenient services for visitor management of enterprises, improving user experience and corporate image.

Customer Value

Optimization of internal enterprise management

Improved attendance management efficiency

Improved staff experience and corporate image

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