Challenges Faced by Companies Going Global

Compliance Requirements

Overseas businesses must comply with laws and regulations of target countries/regions, including but not limited to data protection, privacy laws, intellectual property laws etc.


As overseas operations expand, network and data security become critical factors. Large data interactions between overseas production systems and domestic data centers require robust protection.

Communication Barriers

Cultural and language differences can lead to communication issues, misunderstandings and errors during IT project establishment in different countries, impacting progress and outcomes.

Scarce Local Resources

Chinese companies may lack understanding of local resource landscapes in target markets, affecting IT project planning and operations.

Initial Capital Requirements

Large-scale IT infrastructure demands heavy funding, posing cash flow burdens. Companies may face challenges raising capital while considering returns and recovery periods.

IT Operations Issues

Overseas markets can have limited human resources and technical skills, making it difficult to find suitable local operations and support teams.

Leverage our full-service, multi-faceted solutions from regulatory compliance to infrastructure establishment, security to support. We aim to smoothly expand your global footprint and seize opportunities in international markets.

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