Software Engineer Outsourcing Services

Service Workflow

1. Requirements Gathering

Closely communicate with clients to confirm specific tasks.

4. Contracting and Agreements

Sign contracts, clarify roles and responsibilities, confirm work details.

7. Communication and Coordination

Maintain ongoing communication, coordinate to ensure smooth task progress.

2. Solution Development

Provide solutions that meet requirements, determine required headcount, requirements, timelines etc.

5. Training and Onboarding

Provide client business, skills and knowledge training.

8. Supervision and Quality Control

Conduct personnel supervision and quality control, regular performance reviews, evaluations and feedback.

3. Talent Matching

Confirm suitable candidates through accurate screening and matching.
6. Task Allocation and Management

Reasonably allocate tasks, establish management mechanisms, track progress, quality and efficiency.

9. Delivery Acceptance and Reporting

Perform delivery acceptance, provide relevant reports and documentation.

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